Literature Lounge – Jaan Kross 100

On November 7 we enjoyed a cozy literature lounge – dedicated to Jaan Kross 100 – at the Estonian Honorary Consulate in Amsterdam. The program was splendid: Tiit Aleksejev (President of the Estonian Writers´ Union) talked about Jaan Kross and the significance of his historical novel in Estonia. Job Lisman (Publishing House Prometheus) discussed the reasons for publishing Estonian literature in the Netherlands. Translators Frans van Nes and Jesse Niemeijer provided some insights into the translation process of Jaan Kross – a challenging work, especially since Kross is known for inventing his own words! A relaxing final touch was added to the evening by the musical intermezzos of Tarmo Vesterbohm (piano).

Thank you very much, Marcel van den Heuvel, for hosting the event!