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Economic Relations


Trade between Estonia and the Netherlands amounted to 1.9 billion euros in 2023, which was 4.8% of the total trade and gave 7th place in the ranking of countries.

Exports amounted to 696.4 million euros, which was 3.8% of the total export of goods and made the Netherlands the 6th largest export partner to Estonia. Compared to 2022, exports decreased by 22%. The main export items in 2023 were mineral products (21.6%), machinery and mechanical equipment (13.6%), and optical, measuring, precision instruments, watches and musical instruments.

Estonia imported goods from the Netherlands worth 1.2 billion euros in 2023, the year before the import was 1.1 billion (annual increase of 8.4%). Thus, the Netherlands is Estonia’s 7th largest import partner. In 2023, machinery and mechanical equipment (32.5%) were the most imported, followed by products from industries related to the chemical industry (12.1%).

Trade between Estonia and the Netherlands in 2019 – 2023:

Export, euros Import, euros
2019 480 003 198 672 379 918
2020 576 128 733 662 261 501
2021 1 131 566 453 816 290 890
2022 893 347 140 1 111 296 996
2023 696 439 803 1 204 350 440

Source: Statistical Office of Estonia

The export of services was 284.3 million euros by the III quarter of 2023, while a year earlier the export of services was 243.9 million euros (annual increase of 16.6%).

The import of services was 253.7 million euros by the III quarter of 2023, and at the same time a year earlier, the import of services was 220.5 million euros (annual increase of 15%).

Direct Investments

The volume of Dutch direct investments to Estonia (as of 30.09.2023) is 1.2 billion euros, which is 3.4% of all foreign investments to Estonia. The Netherlands is the 9th largest country that contributes to Estonia’s economy. The largest investment worth 681 million euros has been made in real estate activities, which is 57.3% of all Dutch investments in Estonia.

The volume of Estonian direct investments to the Netherlands as of September 2023 is 363 million euros, which is 2.8% of all direct investments abroad. The largest investments have also been made in real estate, the value of which is 151 million euros, and investments worth 99 million euros have also been made in financial and insurance activities.


Dutch tourists made 35,806 visits to Estonia in 2023. A year earlier, the number of visits to Estonia was 24,837, so the annual number of visits has increased by 44.2%.

At the same time, Estonians made 50,119 visits to the Netherlands, and a year earlier this figure was 49,782, so the annual number of visits to the Netherlands has remained almost the same.


As of February 20, 2024, 1,926 Dutch citizens are e-residents of Estonia, of whom 573 have registered their companies in Estonia.