World-famous Dutch design and Estonian quality meet in the holiday homes in Bakkum

On May 16th Woody-Concepts introduced 22 Woody-Popp series holiday homes in Camping Bakkum near Amsterdam. Designed by Dutch architectural bureau MVSA Arhitects and manufactured by Estonian modular house producer Harmet, the houses were the first in line of the “My-Woody” recreational houses.

My-Woody is a one-module “tiny-house” concept where the outside and inside come together and the surrounding nature provides a splendid frame. The houses are fully equipped and contain all the luxuries you are used to at home, existing in harmony with the nature outside.

The guests were introduced to the concept and the construction process of the houses. MVSA architect Jozien Timmers: “I am aware my requirements did not make life easy for the Harmet team, but we were extremely content with the collaboration and end result. Working together was smooth and their attitude professional.”

The Estonian Ambassador to the Netherlands, mrs. Kaili Terras stressed in her speech: “I am delighted to recognize that an Estonian manufacturer has to offer what the Dutch real estate sector needs – high quality and sufficient production capacity, which allows to create modern and environmentally friendly solutions. We are enthusiastic that Harmet, who has a lot of experience in Scandinavia, has come to the Netherlands, as well. The world-famous Dutch design and the quality of Estonia really strengthen each other in this project in Bakkum. The project can certainly be considered an important milestone on the journey of the Estonian wooden house producers to conquer the Dutch market.“

Harmet CEO Alo Tamm added: “We are extremely glad to have collaborated with one of the largest architectural bureaus in the Netherlands. Woody-Popp was our joint pilot project, therefore we are especially happy that the results make both parties content. The buildings are beautiful and clearly also admired by people planning a holiday, because the houses are already booked in advance for several months.”

The cooperation of Harmet, Woody-Concepts and MVSA Arhitects will continue with new and bigger projects, of which the details of operation are already being discussed.

Harmet OÜ is an Estonian manufacturing company that produces modular houses, pre-fabricated modules and various modular on-site facilities. Harmet exports more than 90% of its production to the Scandinavian countries.

Anu Madjak, [email protected]

Eve Reincke, [email protected]