Watch the recording of the e-residency webinar here!

On March 23 our embassy, together with consultancy 1Office, organized a webinar on Estonian e-residency programme for the Dutch e-residents. In a nutshell, e-Residency is a ready-made programme for remote work and running a borderless business online. E-residency could be an option for anyone considering becoming a digital nomad or wishing to grow one´s start-up.

During the webinar a broad range of topics was covered, focusing mostly on practical questions, especially on legal and tax issues. Typical case studies were explained and highlighted. The Dutch specifics (i.e double tax treaty between Estonia and the Netherlands) was discussed.

There was a lot of interest and a vast array of questions were answered. You can watch the recording of the webinar here:

Presenters at the webinar:

✓ Welcome by the Estonian Ambassador to the Netherlands Mrs Kaili Terras

✓ Brief introduction to e-Residency and its latest developments, Mr Mats Kuuskemaa (Head of Business Strategy at e-Residency )

✓ Experience of an Dutch e-resident on running a business using e-residency, Mr Remco Timmermans (Space business professional with 15+ years of experience )

✓ Tax and legal aspects of running a paperless international business remotely, Mr Tõnis Jõgeva (Head of Sales, 1Office)

✓ Q & A session

The webinar is relevant for anyone already being an e-resident or considering becoming one.