Meeting with de Maatschappij on cyber security

On May 24, the embassy hosted members of de Maatschappij. De Maatshcappij is a network founded in 1777 that deals mainly within the triangle of entrepreneurship, education and (national) government with social issues and relevant problem solving. The patron of the organization has consistently been a member of the royal family, currently King Willem-Alexander.

The network’s meeting at the embassy was organized in cooperation with its members from the Leiden University and focused on cyber security and e-government. The Ambassador gave an introduction to the history of e-Estonia and cyber security, the experiences and lessons learned. This was followed by a lively round of questions and answers, during which a lot of attention was devoted to data protection. The reception at the end of the evening inspired a number of ideas for follow-up activities with members of de Maatschappij.

Fotod/photos: De Maatschappij, departement ’s-Gravenhage