How can e-residency help Dutch entrepreneurs run a global business online?

 Tuesday, 23 March 2021                                                        03:00 PM -4:30 PM (CET)

The webinar is over. You can watch the recording of the webinar here:

A major challenge for entrepreneurs right now is how to plan amongst huge business uncertainty due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is also, however, an opportunity to examine current business practices as well as to innovate for the sake of surviving now and thriving later. If you are considering of becoming a digital nomad or wishing to grow your start-up, the Estonia’s e-Residency might be an option. In a nutshell, e-Residency is ready-made for remote work and running a borderless business online.

Since around 1500 Dutch nationals have signed up for e-Residency and have created 289 new companies in Estonia, we have decided to host a webinar to offer a multi-angle view on the Government of Estonia’s e-Residency programme. The webinar is hosted by 1Office Group which offers key support services to e-Residents who run companies in Estonia (i.e. establishing company, bookkeeping, virtual office, banking). Remco Timmermans, a Dutch entrepreneur aiming to innovate the space industry has run businesses in the UK and the Netherlands beforehand. Having recently set up an Estonia-based company Spaceside OÜ 100% online and remotely, Remco will be sharing his first-hand experiences. Andra Larin, Founder of Priolaunch tax advisory services has formerly held senior management positions in tax, innovation and business development positions, including with EY and PwC in Germany, Netherlands and Estonia. Andra will add a tax perspective for the webinar explaining how and in which circumstances can Netherlands-based entrepreneurs benefit from Estonia’s 0% corporate income tax rate for undivided profits.The webinar is also attended by H.E. Kaili Terras, Ambassador of Estonia and Mats Kuuskemaa, Head of Business Strategy at the Government of Estonia’s e-Residency programme.

If you are already an e-resident or interested becoming one, join the webinar to find out, how to:

✓ Benefit from e-Residency and use it for expanding your business globally

✓ Manage your business online – what are the legal rules, how to bank, pay taxes and make accounts

✓ Hear from experts and ask questions about establishing your company, paying taxes and more

✓ Welcome by the Estonian Ambassador to the Netherlands Mrs Kaili Terras
✓ Brief introduction to e-Residency and its latest developments, Mr Mats Kuuskemaa (Head of Business Strategy at e-Residency )
✓ Tax and legal aspects of running a paperless international business remotely, Mr Tõnis Jõgeva (Head of Sales, 1Office)
✓ Experience of an Dutch e-resident on running a business using e-residency, Mr Remco Timmermans (Space business professional with 15+ years of experience )

Q&A with Mats, Tõnis, Remco and International Tax Lawyer, Founder & Managing Director of Priolaunch Ms Andra Larin