De Baltische Middag 2023

On November 16, the Baltische Middag 2023 took place in Amsterdam.

De Baltische Middag used to be a series of events of enormous popularity, which started in the Netherlands in the 1980s already. Taking place at the home of conductor and pianist Paul de Boer, they featured some magnificent cultural figures from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania throughout the years.

We were delighted that Mr. Paul de Boer was our Guest of Honor during the revival of the Baltische Middag in Amsterdam!

During the event an insightful panel discussion was held to see whether and if yes, how this legacy of the Baltische Middag could be revived. The panel discussion was followed by a cultural programme – musical performance by an Estonian singer, Kadri Tegelmann and book presentations of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian books that have been translated into Dutch lately („De dood van de perfecte zin“ by Rein Raud and translated by Frans van Nes, „Modermelk“ by Nora Ikstena and translated by Brenda Lelie and „Peters keizerin“ by Kristina Sabaliauskaitė, translated by Anita van der Molen).

We finished off with some Baltic flavors.

A big thanks to everyone who joined us for this remarkable event!

De Baltische Middag 2023 was a joint initiative of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Embassies in the Netherlands and Litouws Cultureel Centrum.